No-Ring Voice Mail Messages Dropped Directly Into Cellphones

Introducing, No-Ring Cellphone Message Drops, also known as Direct Voicemail Messaging. Imagine the ability to drop a voicemail message directly into a subscriber's voice mailbox without ever making a call or ringing their phone line. The subscriber is never bothered or charged for a call.
Cellphone Voicemail Drops are 100% legal and have been specifically de­signed to be a non-intrusive form of communication . This voicemail ser­vice has also been developed to be compliant with all federal laws and regulations.
Our voicemail messaging allows an organization to le­gally contact an individual by dropping a voicemail di­rectly into an individual's voicemail inbox without making a call or ringing the person's phone line.


Information and Features

How Are No-Ring Mobil Voicemail Drops Legal?

    Cellphone Voicemail Drops are legal based on some major points. The FCC has defined voicemail and voicemail ser­vers as an Enhanced Information Services and has chosen not to regulate these enhanced services (The Telecommunications Act of 1996).

How Do Cellphone Voicemail Drops Work

Our direct voicemail messaging service creates a direct session to the telephone company's voicemail server. We never directly call the recipient. Therefore, there is no direct contact and the subscriber is never charged for the call.


All In One Platform

Our proprietary software combines Voice Broadcasting and Cell Phone Message Drops within one platform. This makes it easy to use and efficient with plenty of power and capacity to get any job done.



Polling and Surveys - Touchtone Responses

The Ringless Messaging Platform works with touch-tone responses from your audience to respond to prompts within your voice broadcasts, surveys, and polls.

With our Broadcast Platform, no Survey or Polling project is out of reach or scope.

Touch-tone responses are tracked and updated in the system in real time, so you can track your response rate and selections accurately and efficiently.


Call Detail Reporting In Real Time and Historical

Each campaign maintains statistics on the results of every call that has been made. You can see how many calls were no answer, busy, disconnected, transferred, voice mail, etc. Your reports are broken down in many ways making each report easy to read and understand.


Press 1 - Live Transfers

You can transfer calls to your personnel at any time during your call flow. This can be done with a key press. Your phone will ring within about 1 second of the key press which will give you the best chance of making contact with the customer. All transfers can also be recorded.



List Rehashing

Full list management from within our IVR Platform allows you to re-target survey respondents, those that did not answer a broadcast, or any variety of dialer results, quickly and intuitively.


Fully DNC Compliant

Before running any dial list you can scrub this list against the data you have imported into your DNC database. This data is supplied and maintained by you when you setup your account.


Automated DNC Opt-Out

You can allow the called party to press a key from any part of your call flow design to be placed on your internal DNC list. After pressing this key you may then play a message to the called party which will let them know that their number was successfully added to the DNC list.

You can also manually import numbers into your internal DNC list.



Advanced Scheduling

Our scheduling module allows for the creation of preset templates or custom scheduling for each campaign, and utilizes intelligent dialer behavior known as local to lead scheduling to reference area codes and exchanges to dial numbers in respect to their local time zone without creating separate lists or calculating for time zone differences.


Answering Machine and Fax Detection

The Ringless Messaging’ IVR solution has built in fax and answering machine detection that has a high rate of accuracy.


Display Your Caller ID

Each campaign can have its own Caller ID, or multiple campaigns can share a single ID. Whether you would like to have your outbound call appear to originate from your office, or custom Caller ID that has been subscribed specific for that broadcast, you have the flexibility to have any of your campaigns utilize any Caller ID you have assigned.



Strip Duplicates

When importing a new database you can choose to import all the data as it is or you can choose to import and remove duplicates. When you choose to remove duplicates the system will delete all phone numbers that are not unique.


White Label Capable

We provide a White Label opportunity to brand the platform and resell the services it to your clients. This personalization provides firms with the ability to market this product as an in-house service. You will have the ability to bill, track minute usage and access full featured reporting instantly.


White Label Marketing Support

With years of experience our staff can assist you with website design, logo design, banner ads, merchant accounts. Your success is our success.